Don't let anyone tell you who to be, how to act or what to love. Be yourself. Express yourself. Wear your attitude.

- MFOY -


My Face On You is a Canadian company, operating in trendy Mount Pleasant, British Columbia. We believe everyone should feel comfortable with who they are and how they look, no matter what they wear. Freedom of expression, individuality and not giving a fuck! We stand by that.

We know you don’t always have to sport a pretty face in order to look beautiful, and we definitely love dressing our many moods. Feeling sassy today? Sexy? Crazy? A bit timid? Or glam rock and full of grunge? Wear it, we’ve got you covered.

You're different? DRESS different! Wear My Face On You.

The Birth of My Face On You

Just a crazy French girl from Montreal! I have been an artist all my life, and a waitress for a good amount of that time. While up one night after a late shift, a creative urge took over my soul and I decided to self-shoot. Wearing just a plain white t-shirt with no makeup on and my hair a mess. Sitting in my grungy, sporadic apartment, I unintentionally captured myself in a raw moment. Coming from a job where I needed to doll up and smile all day, and photoshoots where only the prettiest faces made the cut, I took photos of myself in my most unapologetic form. Combining everything that I love; photography, modelling, artistic direction, and rock and roll, I took pictures that said, “this is me, and I don’t give a shit, I’m beautiful.” This line is for anyone and everyone who isn’t afraid to be themselves and know that owning it is sexy. Be you, because you are perfect. My Face On You doesn’t worry about what’s on the outside, we wear what’s on the inside. Wear how you feel, and feel damn good wearing it! Wear your attitude!

Tight ain't right girls!

I don't know about you but I'm sick of conformity. If I want to wear my t-shirt as a dress, I will uh... wear... my uh... damn, t-shirt as a dress! A T-dress. COMFORT GUARANTEED!

*Model is 5'5'' wearing an XL

Comments, suggestions or just happy thoughts?

Bring it!

*My Face On You is just starting up and would love to hear what you think. Don't be shy!